“ Be afraid to Allah if your child will be weak later, They worry about, so Be afraid to Allah and say something truth”. (Q.S.An-Nisa’ (4):9)
The modern of technology has taken some of humans being to the top of their life, We can see how hard this life, however It has been one either thinking, religion, or culture.

As moeslem people, we have to understand this situation wisely, The strength belief and islam attitude are needed to face some of these examines either him or his family and people.
This condition has destroyed moral of our next generation, they have used drugs, freelife and also violence. Morever losing of their belief make other belief grow well.
Yet, We realize, We can’t stay away from the update of technology, information and modern era. However some of moelems have had benefit from it, they use it positively and for giving islam speeches which has given more positive effect to attack the negative ones. Allah Almighty said, “
” Almukmin fight in Allah’s way, and alkafirun fight in evil way, so fight them because evil trick is weak”. (Q.S. An-Nisa’ (4): 76).
Moeslems have to understand that evil will always destroy the right one. So we ought to struggle to enforce our belief and islam doctrine in order keeping us away from infidelity.
It is understood by every individual Muslim that inevitably, consciously or unconsciously, the nature of kufr and falsehood are always working to shed faith in himself, his family and his community, while on the other hand a believer is required to take part in fighting, faithful and Islam, that piety and obedience is maintained and preserved from all the bad influences of disbelief.
Then itself becomes a liability and demands on every individual Muslim to take part in the right battlefield and falsehood are in a profession, it has employed several Allah’s given , and the maker Syari’at, we remind you always go hand in hand and helping each other in goodness, as reminded in Surat Al-Anfal verse 73:

“As for those who disbelieve are the friends and helpers of one another. If you (each other) did not do what Allah has commanded it (for helping each other), there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption” (Q.S. Al-Anfal: 73)

So Muslims, remove barriers, throw away the fassism, we are united on the basis of faith, let us join, mutual aid help, to work together in enforcing Allah’s words, Keeping up and maintain faith in ourselves, our wives and children, the whole families and our communities. We unite our ranks so that Allah sent down His help and lift our dignity, and we won the world and the hereafter.


Departing from the awareness of the warning of Allah to answer the challenges of the times in defending Muslim personalities face of global information, we set up a special education forum Muslim generation expectations, which we named “HOME SANTRI CREATIVE ASY-SYIFA ‘”.

HOUSE SANTRI CREATIVE ASY-SYIFA ‘has special a pattern from education, it combines the educational pattern homeschoole with the pattern of pesantren education classic, It is formulated with the hope of producing fostering a more supervised, directed, and it can adjust to the talent and ability of learners to be developed in accordance with the demands of the times. Graduates Home Students Creative Ash-Shifa ‘is expected to be a greatest Ulama which have deepest beleif, Tsaqafah Islamiyah broad, Master of Science and Technology, Master of Cyber and mentally as a future Muslim who are ready to live independently and look to the future with different abilities and expertise.

By providing education priorities towards education programs, mastery of the cyber world and the entrepreneurial world are expected to the learners to be scholars and scientists of Islam in the future which should be a pioneer and more dominant in the flow of information to fill a virtual world, it has a soul of entrepreneurs who are ready to live independently. So the various negative effects of distorted thinking can be overcome and the Muslim family can be fortified.


Pupils house of the Creative is managed by Management of Islamic Education Foundation Nur Ash-Shifa ‘Jakarta. It listed before the deed of Notary Susi Susanty, SH on 24 April 2014, with AHU No: 00981.51.10.2014 and has been registered at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights on 30 April 2014 with no: 5014043031100720

Education places this address: Jl. Acacia No: 50 Rt. 003/003 Village Tajur Ciledug District of Tangerang City, Banten Province.



Creating a generation of Muslims based self-reliance and creativity that focuses on the firmness of faith and nobility of character and integrating pesantren education system and home schoole with a concentration of coaching and understanding of religion, science and technology, which mix on world building applications business so to produce alumni who have competitive in a global world and focused on the teachings of Islam.


1. Familiarize children have correct tauhid and worship according to syar’i.
2. Familiarize children to behave good attitute with parents, teachers, friends, and community.
3. Familiarize children physically and mentally healthy livers.

4. Familiarize children have open and of scientific thinking, have curiosity correct and positive.
5. To equip children with knowledge and large insight.
6. Equipping and get children to master two languages, English and Arabic as the key to open the science of the religion and the public.
7. Provide child entrepreneurship to become a reliable and economic actors have a soul courage, self-reliance, perseverance, sincerity, honesty, and work more for the community.
8. Prepare the child in order to live in reality and complete with leadership training, life skills, sergeant wide range of capabilities in order to grow and develop a fighting spirit that is committed and individual Muslim, bold, responsive and character.

Early Establishment of funds:

NO       POINT                                                               AMOUNT
1 Rent for house                                                           Rp. 23,000,000
2 Renofate and repair of houses rented                 Rp. 10,000,000
3 Procurement desk                                                   Rp. 15,000,000
4 Procurement computer 9 unit                              Rp. 45,000,000
5 Procurement cooling room 3 units                      Rp. 12,000,000
6 Procurement of libraray space student               Rp. 20,000,000
7 Prucurement student’s kitchen facilities            Rp. 5,000,000
8 Procurement prayer room facilities                   Rp. 4,000,000
9 Procurement media space for sport                   Rp. 5,000,000
10 Procurement projectors and screens               Rp. 5,000,000
11 Procurement of facilities administration         Rp. 3,000,000
Total                                                                          Rp. 147,000,000

Operational Funding Needs:

NO              POINT                                                                    AMOUNT
1 . Needs of santri’s food 9 @20.000/day                      Rp.5,400,000
2. Honor supervising teacher for 6 main subjects        Rp. 12,500,000
3 .Honor supervising pondok                                            Rp.  3,000,000
4 . Honor officers household students                            Rp.2,000,000
5 . Electricity cost                                                                 Rp.1,000,000
6 . Internet charges                                                              Rp. 2,000,000
Total Monthly operatinal funding needs                      Rp.25,900,000

In order to fill the finance as needs a source of funding from the Home Santri:
1. Registration payment fee of students
2. The monthly payment guardians of students
3. Aid agencies and free donotur
4. Sadaqah, infaq and zakat Muslims in thalabul ‘ilmi.

In Islam doctrine expalin that we have responsibility for the next generation muslim by helping each other in doing kindness, perhaps Allah is going to give his charity and blessing to our struggle for the fututre. We have to remind what Allah says :
“Allah can survive all human died and We write what they have done and some traces they left behind. We coleected them in the right place. (lauhul mahfuz)”. (Q.S, Ya-sin (36): 12)

Because we believe the House of Creative Students Ash-Shifa is the noble land of worship and has a lofty goal, but have a tough challenge for us. Therefore, It is our greatest challenges. So it not so easy to embody it, we deeply pay attentioan, It requires harsh effort and support from all who cares to the future generations of mankind, especially The people who has been given the excess wealth expected to assist us in the success of the program this noble , we believe that house students creative ash-syifa ‘ worship fertile even categorized Jariyah continues to flow benefits even though our bodies have been destroyed in the soil, but our former charity is recorded as a righteous deeds for us.

Your infaq, zakat and sadaqah (charity) can be channeled into an independent bank with account number: 1660001427095 on behalf of the foundation ash-syifa nur islam jakarta.

Whatever you have given to home student creative Ash-syifa. Perhaps Allah facilitate and help each of our efforts in helping Islam as He promised. Amen
There are several advantages that we offer to parents in the system that we have designed, because the system of home education students creatively is essentially merging pattern of pesantren education classical education pattern homeschoole, so some of the problems that exist in pesantren and perceived flaws in running home schoole we make as a foothold in the search for patterns of education system that we think is better and focused.
Besides the general subjects and religion are studied in schools and boarding schools, we provide some offering that we consider to be superior to the parents in the education system that we run, including:
A. Subjects and curriculum.
1. Pupils Get General lesson as befits a public school with some adjustments because they will follow national exams for secondary schools Package B and C for the senior secondary level.
2. Pupils get lessons of religion and science as appropriate islamic schools, because basically homeschooling is pesantren but it has a few differents system.
B. The number of students are limited in each house:
1. Home students Ash-Shifa ‘make the education system with the pattern of home students (home shcoole) which aims to limit the number of students in one house between 10-15 students only, so that more students supervised development and is known to be maximal potential of students to developed.
2. With limited students all the problems that interfere with the development and influence the thinking of the students may soon be known and watch solutions in the face.
3. With a limited number of students in the homes of students will facilitate directing and guiding the talents and interests of students according to their ability.
4. The need for education and students mental counseling personally will be more easily controlled and more focus in the guidance.
5. Pupils more constrained from outside influences,because they supervise each other.
C. Boarding house System

1. With Boarding system restrict students from the influence of the environment or atmosphere that does not educate in the growth and development of students thinking.
2. The system dormitory, students focuse and concentrate in learning without having outside influence.
3. Guiding mental and applicate religion and sciences, students can be practiced in a community of mutual support.
4. Guiding togetherness in dormitory will provide a good sense of fraternity, giving conducive atmosphere in learning.

D. Entrepreneurial Development System

1. Students are given guidance and training efforts of various abilities and skills that is practiced immediately at home business industry, so The students understand the entrepreneurial spirit can flourish better.
2. The basic training is given as well which is suitable with the interests and talents of students.
3. Guiding entrepreneurship is given in accordance with the development effort by using computerized systems and the internet marketing world, students are expected to be able to better identify and understand the development of a similar business in the competitive business world.
4. System Training and coaching entrepreneurs are given to grow up student’s mental and skill to be better prepared his future.

E. Prioritize coaching Arabic and English

1. House Ash-syifa students prioritize coaching Arabic and English, because language is the key of science.
2. Students are required to speak Arabic or English at home environment of students to make two foreign languages more quickly mastered and understood by students.
3. Students are required to master Arabic and English speaking and writing properly.

F. Prioritizing ruhiyah coaching and worship practices

1. House ash-syifa creative students schedule praying approached worship and Sunnah, as well as the sunnah fasts.
2. Familiarize students in worship at home environment, it will provide spiritual influence.
3. Provide guidance Shari’a sciences that are practical to control the practice of the individual students.
G. Provide computer training and the internet access

1. House of student gives training computer applications more intensif.
2. The guiding of computer sciences which is relating directly to the world business like: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Auto Cad, video editing, programmer, graphic design, internet marketing etc.
3. Provide guidance and direction in communicating in cyberspace and mastery of the world of information. students are given the chance to interact with the virtual world under teacher controlle and supervised, so they focus on using the Internet and responsible for any access that they did as a generation of Muslims.

The routine activities Ash-syifa Pupils’ are: Wake up at 3:30 am, pray Tahajjud so that students are well trained and always close to Allah , then read quran until subuh pray, then Sports morning was routine carried out after thesubuh pray until 7:00 pm.
After a shower and breakfast students deposite memorizing Quran to the teaher until 9.00 pm. Memorizing the Quran is a mandatory program

Formal lessons begin at 9:00 pm until 15:00 pm everyday from Monday to Thursday.

After Ashar pray is break time for students with reading, playing computer, memorize the Quran and other activities in a relaxed and independent, students have turn to give short speech and discussion about Islamiyah lesson , It train students in delivering propaganda Islamiyah and train them to speak in public in presenting their opinions and communicate in social community certainly they will face later.
They communicate in Arabic and English, especially for those who have followed the program over the years.
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the students attending the educational process to the company officers of various forms of business and at the same time to the practice of home industry is located near the villages of students who have been working with students home creative ash-syifa ‘.


Ash- syifa ‘house creative students hold natural camping activities in order to cultivate the spirit of independence, strong and good personality, students are educated in a camper program together, march, hacking, sports and martial arts. This program, combined with the natural learning in order sense of purpose in order to be perceived and expected mental and strong character, so they are better prepared to organize their lives later.

Each of the students uses the computer one by one, in order to quickly understand the material, especially the lessons relating to computerization and applications. At home students ash-syifa computer science lessons more directed to skiil needed industrial world today, such as technicians and networking, photo shop, corel draw, auto cad, video editing, internet marketing, web programmers, and graphic desing.

Instructors come from professionals, active and experienced in their subject.
In-house creative ash-syifa, students are given entrepreneurial bread and cakes training, we work closely with employers bread and cakes professionals home industry, they learned to make,mix ingredient, calculate business budgets, and marketing methods. learning directly from active entrepreneurs. Students know and understand this form of business and the ins and outs, so that the soul of the business begin to grow in himself.

Our in-house students of creative ash-syifa are also taught tailoring and technicians sewing machines, we are directly taught by entrepreneurs konveksi, making patterns, sewing, technicians of various kinds of sewing machines, also mastered the method of marketing and accounting of the business, we learned and practice to konveksi around the house the students, so students can quickly understand the ins and outs of this konveksi business, which is certainly very useful for the future.

Thus Home Students News is place to provide information about the establishment of Home Students Nur Ash-Shifa ‘Ciledug under Education Foundation Islam Nur Al-Shifa’ Jakarta, our wishes to all Muslims in particular observer of Islamic education in order to help us, both in the moral support and material. Perhaps our wish is running well and smoothly according Allah’s permission.

Jakarta, 18 Mei 2016

Islamic Education Foundation Nur Al-Shifa Jakarta